Maika is an atelier of necklace and panel painting design. Maika offers a selection of unique, natural, semi precious and organic stones as well as flat & 3 dimensional panel pantings.

The studio is dedicated to creating beautiful fashion necklaces that anchor the essence to an outfit and overall contemporary appearance. The panels 

Maika is a design gallery in which cross culture, fashion and design.

Maika designed necklaces are created individually. Using natural semi precious stones, natural beads and environmental materials, Maika creates truly unique necklaces. The necklace designs are inspired by beautiful natural surroundings. Maika uses organic and natural stones to create these beautiful works of art. Each necklace is unique because of the quality of the stones and how rare the stones are. The designs are one-of-a-kind. They are jewelry for busy individuals. The necklace looks great on you throughout the day. Necklaces for every day and for going out. 

Maika designs use organic stones including pearls and corals for some necklaces. Some of quality natural stones listed under gemologist are used for creating the creative necklaces. These are long and layers necklaces, clustered necklaces, big and bold necklaces and inimitable necklaces. Each necklace design is usually made in a unique version to retain its exclusive identity. The stones the necklaces are made from are carefully and individually selected. Each stone is selected for its quality and make each necklace unique. The necklaces are made from hand selected, naturally artistic and unique stones. Every necklace is a work of art that takes the name of its inspiration and has its own story.